Mindset is all around us. Whether it’s about the growth mindset or the innovator’s mindset, there’s an urge to become better today than we were yesterday. I really love the idea that with each day there’s a chance for more. But, I’m kind of bummed about something. People, myself included at times, are slowing down the process because they/we are tiptoeing around with where we are in our learning for fear of how we might appear to others.

I was reading Denis Sheeran’s Book Instant Relevance yesterday (an absolutely wonderful read by the way), and when I got about 40% through according to my kindle, I teared up. I teared up because in that moment, my “why” for what I do everyday as an educator was defined so beautifully and simply. I was thrilled to know I could state exactly why I do what I do in ten words. Denis talked about how he and his family would play a game and how one day his son said, “Dad, meet me at my best [score] and then we can go [on] together.” Denis continued to talk about how this is how learning should be.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.06.32 PM


This year is my first year as an instructional coach and that message is what I want to send to any teacher about how we might work together, without egos (too big or too small), without judgements. You bring your best, and I’ll bring mine for the benefit of one another, for the benefit of kids.

Don’t shrink for fear of being a braggart. Everyone has something to teach and share and everyone benefits when we share. Don’t feel like you have to prove your value or your worth by “knowing everything” because when you “know everything” others are less likely to think they have anything to share with you.

We are all growing. Meet me at my best because I’m willing to show that to you, no matter how crazy I may seem. I’ll meet you at your best because your willing to share. And, we can go together, learning so much from one another, making today better than yesterday, but no where near as good as tomorrow will be.


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