Today a colleague of mine, and I presented at TCEA and shared our thoughts on how we can assess to drive learning and how we integrate technology to get students engaged, to see what they really know, and to give them immediate feedback.

Here is our presentation.

The foundation of our thoughts was based on some great learning from Jay Mctighe.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 9.13.46 AM.png

This is a sampling of many performance-based assessments he created. Our presentation looked at the headers: selected response items, constructed responses, product, performances, and process-focused to give some ideas of how we can use technology to make these performance-based assessments relevant in the world the students live in.

We only shared two handfuls of ideas, but what I really hope learners left with were two big ideas. One, we have to make everything, EVEN ASSESSMENT, relevant to our students for real learning to occur. Two, any teacher can use this framework to flip their assessments.

I’m excited about using this framework to continue changing assessment. In fact, I’m headed to learn more about sketch noting right now to use in more depth with young learners as a process-focused assessment.

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