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I am a dreamer of what perfect, idealistic schools could be. I am passionate about education and learning. I am a mother and those three girls are my why. I believe all parents desire the best for their children just like I do.

I have been in education for twelve years and have served and learned with 4th – 8th grade students. Recently, I have be blessed with the role of instructional coach at an Elementary in Texas.

My interests include:

  • anything to do with writing in the 21st century
  • finding ways to provide discourse during the acquisition stage of learning
  • creating with all sorts of tools, both digital and tactile
  • highlighting the ease of learning if only we would step out of our own way.

Teaching With The Middle Sister was my first blogging attempt, but I wanted a different brand, one that speaks more about what I am truly passionate about.

I am a coach and a fan all in one. I hope to inspire educators, students, and anyone else willing.