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Blogging at TCEA17 with Aaron Hogan

I absolutely have experienced many turns and twists, mostly in my gut, with regards to blogging. First, I fretted over the platform I used. Was it cute enough? Then, I decided I didn’t want it to be cute. I wanted it to be professional. So, I left the cutesy blog. See exhibit 1, and created this blog. When I first created this blog, I … Read More Blogging at TCEA17 with Aaron Hogan

GIFS, Memes, and More-A New Genre in Writing

I am a writer. That doesn’t mean I’m always good at it. I HAVE to write. It’s how I process all the forty-five thousand things whirling around in my brain without driving those who love me crazy. That said, for as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed observing others tell stories. I love to listen. I love to read. I love to study … Read More GIFS, Memes, and More-A New Genre in Writing

Assessment: Do This, Not That

Today a colleague of mine, and I presented at TCEA and shared our thoughts on how we can assess to drive learning and how we integrate technology to get students engaged, to see what they really know, and to give them immediate feedback. Here is our presentation. The foundation of our thoughts was based on some great learning from Jay Mctighe. This is a … Read More Assessment: Do This, Not That

Meet Me At My Best. Then, We Can Go Together.

Mindset is all around us. Whether it’s about the growth mindset or the innovator’s mindset, there’s an urge to become better today than we were yesterday. I really love the idea that with each day there’s a chance for more. But, I’m kind of bummed about something. People, myself included at times, are slowing down the process because they/we are tiptoeing around with where … Read More Meet Me At My Best. Then, We Can Go Together.

Who Cares About Pokemon-Go Anyway?

If you’re an educator, you should. One of my teacher friends, who is a total gamer, reeled me in to this game. I saw the game exploding all over Twitter almost immediately and downloaded the app to see what all the fuss was about. I have learned to Whip and Nae Nae, memorized odd lyrics, watched Vines, learned to solve the rubix cube, and … Read More Who Cares About Pokemon-Go Anyway?

For All The Educator Rule Followers!

I’ve always been a compliant person, afraid to go against the rules. I never really analyzed why until lately, until I felt like I wanted to break the rules, well at least within my classroom, within education. And, I need to say it’s not because I’ve become a rebel, but it is because I have asked myself everyday of my career that question most … Read More For All The Educator Rule Followers!